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Bach Around The Clock 2019

Join us for a community-wide marathon FREE celebration of the music and majesty of Johann Sebastian Bach!

On the Saturday, March 23, 2019, we'll be celebrating Bach's birthday from 9 am to 9 pm in the magnificent acoustics of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Staunton, VA,

From sunup to sundown, you'll hear superb string soloists, renowned organists, guitarists, pianists, choirs, and brilliant ensembles, consisting of both passionate amateurs and polished professionals, performing the inspiring and moving works of Bach, whose "perfectly proportioned structures stir primal feelings that transcend time, place, and creed, to express the inexpressible." Or, as one philosopher says, “music sets in order what life cannot.”

Check back for more details about our dawn-to-dusk celebration!

Kit Jacobson

Memories Are Made Of This...

Relive the memories and music of our 2018 concert in Staunton!