3.21.20, 11 AM: Bach’s Opus One (Jingxuan Zhang, piano)

J.S. Bach didn’t get around to actually publishing his own music until his mid-forties. Heifetz Institute pianist Jingxuan Zhang plays three of the pieces that Bach chose to showcase in his first published folio.

Keyboard Partita No. 1 in B-flat,, BWV 825
Praeludium, Allemande, Corrente, Sarabande, Menuet I, Menuet II, Gigue
Keyboard Partita No. 2 in C minor, BWV 826
Sinfonia, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Rondeau, Capriccio
Italian Concerto, BWV 971
Allegro, Andante, Presto

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