Bach: Links, Lore, & Lagniappe

Links, Lore, and some delightful discoveries about J.S. Bach, from around the Web…

The J.S. Bach Home Page: Start here: The complete Johann Sebastian Bach. An extensive biography, tour of Bach’s life in Germany, catalog of his works, bibliography, recommended recordings, and more…

J.S. Bach Research Website of the Bach Museum in Leipzig, one of the world’s premier research centers for the life and works of the entire Bach family.

Bach on Bach A website devoted to all things Sebastian Bach (and the providers of the striking cover image for Bach Around The Clock!).

Bach In The Subways Bach Around The Clock in Staunton is just a part of a global phenomenon of Bach performances around the globe – Find them all at this website! Bach calendars, gifts, and more!

BBC Musics Bach stories, audio, and videos

Classic FMs “Fast and Friendly Guide to Bach” and a lot of other goodies

Bach on A Mountaintop





The Bach Cello Suites: A WGBH “Bach Minute” Essay by Benjamin K. Roe